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This Past Year

June 18, 2018

Hey ya'll!

I know it has been a while since I have written a blog and honestly I have been going through a very transitional, life changing time in my life. I have always been honest with ya'll and I will continue to be. Life has not been the easiest these past couple of years. I have gone through EXTREME loss. Losing somebody isn't always by death, or by them moving far away, losing somebody could be as simple as a fight, or a misunderstanding. Unfortunately this year I went through all forms of loss. I lost my best friend, my Papa, he was my absolute rock. I lost my management, my band, my crew and a lot of fans. I lost relationships with people I NEVER intended to because I chose to love someone so deeply it frightened and intimidated others. Reading and writing down these words is emotional, and it is hard. I have gone through therapy, cried it out, screamed at the top of my lungs but when I stop and really read these words I realize something, all of those losses have made me stronger.


Losing my Papa was by far the hardest thing I have ever been through but every time I am on stage I feel him, I try every single day to live up to his namesake and to make him proud, he makes me better. Losing my management, band, and fans made me realize who is truly there for me and who really believes in me. I was down and out, I had no idea how I would live out my dream alone, that's when so many people from the music community reached out and helped me, picked me back up, dusted me off and helped me truly become the artist that I have always wanted to be. I realized that I am not alone, I am never alone, the music business is tough, but there will always be others that understand you and what you are going through. The fans, family, musicians and friends that stuck by my side through this transition, thank you, from the bottom of my heart I love And lastly I can't speak much about my last form of loss, but I will say this, sometimes it is okay to put your own happiness before others. Life is to short to be anything but happy, never apologize for being YOU, loving who YOU want too and pursuing YOUR dreams. College graduate, GED, PHD, or High School Diploma, this is YOUR life, so do what makes you happy and don't live to impress others, because the feeling of letting others down goes away, but the feeling of sacrificing your dreams/goals/happiness and letting YOURSELF down, never truly goes away. 

I hope you guys understand why I have been laying low this past year. It was a year of growth, transition and a year of rebuilding all my walls that have been knocked down. I am scratched, bruised, and tired, but I am not broken.

Here is to a great summer, filled with joy, possibilities and HAPPINESS!!

PLUS.... an album coming soon?... possibly...


Georgia Girl

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