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30 Things You Don't Know About Me

June 19, 2017

  1.  What is your middle name: My middle name is Ann.



  2. Are you named after anyone: I am named after the best man and my best friend! My Rhinestone Cowboy, my Papa.

  3. What is your favorite color: Pink of course!!

  4. Do you use sarcasm a lot: ...yes.

  5. Who was your first best friend: This is such a hard one because I honestly believe my first best friends were my sisters… but I would have to say all of the “jelly stone crew” Carly Chester, Tessa and Gina Quinn, Casey (not even gonna try and spell that last name!!), Taylor Koz, Danni and Margo Rendina.

  6. How tall are you: Funny story because I just keep shrinking!! Last year I was 5’4” but last doctor’s visit I was 5’’5”...

  7. Cats or Dogs: Dogs all the way!

  8. What’s the first thing you notice about people: Their eyes

  9. What is your eye color: Green/Blue, they actually change colors depending on what I am wearing!

  10. Funniest moment throughout school: I would have to say every single moment that I spent with my best friend Rachel.

  11. How many countries have you visited: 2!

  12. Are you in/have you gone to college: I have taken a couple of college courses online because I do feel that education is important, although I am currently putting college on hold to follow my dreams! But I will return!

  13. What was your favorite/worst subject in highschool: My favorite subject was social Studies, and my worst subject was definitely math…

  14. What is your favorite drink: Shirley Temples!

  15. What is your favorite animal: anyone who knows me knows that this is such a difficult question because I love animals SO MUCH but I will have to go with either Sharks or Lions.

  16. What is your favorite perfume: Pink Chiffon

  17. Tea or Coffee: Coffee.

  18. What would you name your children: If she was a girl I would name her Savannah Georgia Alaina, and if he was a boy I would name him Brock Michael.

  19. What sports do you/ have you played: I grew up playing softball, and basketball but only played softball at a high level. Currently I Olympic weight lift!

  20. What is your favorite book: I hate to read… But my favorite book would have to be the Twilight series.

  21. Who are some of your favorite Youtubers: I remember being really obsessed with Austin Mahone and his friend Alex and I was a really huge fan of his page and his music! I followed him when he only had less than 1,000 followers… now look at him! I am still a very big fan.

  22. What is your favorite movie: I am actually a huge movie geek and absolutely love acting so this one is tricky! But i love comedies and I LOVE Will Ferrell so I am going to have to go with Stepbrothers!

  23. Are you single or taken: I am taken! I have been dating Mitch O’Hara for three years this August.

  24. What’s your idea of an ideal first date: Ummm… I am a pretty simple girl and I love nature so I would love just to go to the park on a picnic or for a hike.

  25. How many boyfriends have you had: Mitchell is actually my first boyfriend!

  26. Favorite memory from a childhood: This is the hardest question!! I was so spoiled and I still am so I can’t choose!! I love when my entire family gets together, every single time we are all together it is my favorite memory!

  27. Do you speak any different languages: Nope!

  28. Do you have any siblings: I have two sisters, I am the middle child!

  29. What is your favorite restaurant: Tinker’s Creek Tavern.

  30. What are some of your favorite TV shows: The Office, Trailer Park Boys and…. The Bachelorette!




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