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Expression Through Hair, Makeup and Fashion!

June 13, 2017

Ever since I was a young girl I always loved to play dress up!  Whether it be spending an entire week in my princess dress, my Dorothy dress, or even my M&M costume, I was


always dressed the part.  As I grew up walking around in a princess dress became socially unacceptable... (Although I wish it wasn't) so I turned to dressing up in other ways.  Unfortunately doing my hair and makeup in unique ways can sometimes attract some negative attention, claiming that I am a "try hard" or "over the top" but honestly, I feel good and that's all that matters. I feel as if to often we are who we are to impress others, but in the end you should be who you are so you can be happy with yourself.  Every time I wake up in the morning I decide who I am going to be, who I am going to let the world think I am that day, like my own personal "dress-up" game.  Whether it be pinning my hair up with no make up and throwing on a pair of sweat pants,


or applying my red lipstick and putting on my bandana with my stripped bathing suit and high wasted shorts or brushing on my smokey eye and curling my hair and slipping on my thigh high boots, I decide how I want to express myself that day and I decide that I will be happy with my self and feel confident because I am who I want


to be. So don't let the world tell you what to wear, or how to cut your hair, or how to apply makeup because we are giving the art of makeup and fashion to EXPRESS OURSELVES!!!  Girls, Women and Men, BE YOU!



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